Why Us ?


Advanced Infrastructure

Shaishya was the second academy in India and the first in Gujarat to have shaded courts. This is extremely beneficial for players as they can practice in the afternoons. Our courts provide protection from Ahmedabad’s extremely harsh and hot weather.
With eight newly refurbished synthetic courts consisting of separate red, orange and singles courts, Shaishya Academy provides an exceptional learning infrastructure with basic and modern amenities in place.

On-court and Online sessions

Shaishya offers coaching for players of all levels. Our specialized programs cater to all categories from beginners to professionals and aspiring professionals. We provide coaching for people of all ages. Some of our youngest players are 3 years old, and our recreational program has many players over the age of 60. We want to inculcate a love for tennis in all our players, irrespective of their age.
In keeping with the current times, we are also very proud to offer online coaching along with on-court coaching. We offer private and group sessions for all age groups and skill levels.
All our on-court sessions cover a variety of topics with some unique pedagogy for all around development of our players.

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Great Coaching

We at Shaishya pride ourselves on our coaching. Our team works hard to ensure continuous improvement of every player who comes and trains with us. This is possible because of our certified and experienced team and their passion to educate the players and develop their game. The coaches meticulously and systematically plan detailed weekly programs to help our players reach their maximum potential.

Holistic Development

We want all our students to not only learn tennis, but also develop valuable life skills that will help them succeed in all endeavors that they take up in life. Our programs foster an environment where players develop respect for the sport and each other. Many of our programs incorporate fitness, physiotherapy, meditation and yoga to help players improve both their physical and mental capabilities. The goal is to ensure holistic long term development that will benefit both, the game and life of our players.