We offer warm up sessions for all our Tennis Programs. The fitness needs of our competitive level tennis players (from our Intermediate, Advanced, Performance, High Performance and Professional Programs) are taken care of by our fitness partner High Five Sports Performance through a variety of on court training drills.
Fitness plans are prepared based on detailed discussions between the Shaishya Sports team and our Fitness Partner. In addition to on court fitness, players from our High Performance and Professional Tennis Programs go to High Five Sports Performance for specialized fitness training based on their individual Fitness plans, which are created by analyzing their strengths and areas of improvement.


Shaishya offers physiotherapy sessions to all players from our Performance, High Performance and Professional Tennis Programs. Athletes are often injured while playing sports and we want to be involved in arranging recovery sessions for our injured players. So, we work very closely with one of the best physiotherapy teams in Ahmedabad from Lakshya . Our Physiotherapy partners take care of the prehab sessions and assessment of all players. We also offer all our players educational sessions to ensure great performance and fewer injuries.


We arrange for regular yoga sessions for our players. On International Yoga Day 2020, we organized a wonderful energetic session virtually in association with the BKS Iyengar Institute of Mumbai. The yoga asanas of our yoga sessions are specially selected to improve the balance and skills of young athletes.


With our meditation partner Heartfulness Institute, we arrange regular relaxation meditation and rejuvenation sessions for our players. Our Tennis Director, Devinder Singh is a Heartfulness trainer. We use meditation to enhance the mental and emotional wellness of our players’ game for better wellbeing and holistic development.