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Our Story

Shaishya Sports Academy was established on 29th December, 2011 as Shaishya Tennis Academy. Since then, it has evolved into a multi-sports academy that aims to mentor a new generation of champions. We provide a team of specialised coaches who are prominent in their fields. The team’s ranks are filled with the best veteran and emerging sports talents of India. With a world-class coaching team, the academy strives to achieve success by not only training players to become exceptional athletes, but by also offering access to an international training infrastructure. We have had a dedication to deliver the best infrastructure since our inception. Shaishya is the first academy in Gujarat and the second in India to provide shaded tennis courts.

The positive reception from our students is what encouraged us to expand and transform into a sports academy. Our motto, Love All, Play All highlights the importance of enjoying what you do. We want our students to share our love for sports. Frequent events, tournaments, and educational games allow us to emphasise technical training while making our patrons appreciate the sport. We encourage people of all ages to become active and participate in sports by offering a wide range of classes for players at every level. Our goal is to be inclusive of players of all ages, make every sport accessible and inspire our students to have fun while learning the fundamentals of the game. The combination of an advanced training infrastructure and our love for the game makes us Ahmedabad’s premier sports academy.

Sports Directors

Devinder Singh Bhusari

Director | Tennis

Devinder has a very special mask on his record. He is the first player from Gujarat to be ranked on ATP. He made his father’s dream his own and commenced the journey to become sportsman. Young Dev started with a cricket bat in his hand, after which his mind brought him to athletic track. However, when he picked up a tennis racquet, it was a special feeling. Cricket and athletics’ loss was tennis’s gain.

Dev has represented India, Asia and was part of the World Junior Team. He has scored aces both on and off the court. Over his decade long coaching career, Dev has acquired multiple certifications including AITA Level 5 and PTR Certified Professional. He is also the Winner of PTR Coach of the Year and PTR’s President’s Award. In addition to his impressive sports qualifications, Dev has an MBA degree from the prestigious Symbiosis Institute.

With his calm, composed and disciplined style, Dev has trained more than 100 international, national and state level players, including Akanksha Bhan who played at the Junior Australian Open in 2018. Highly determined, dedicated and disciplined person, Dev aspires to produce Grand Slam player from Shaishya Sports Academy.